Red Feather Society Members

From time immemorial, a Red Feather was awarded as a badge of courage among Native Americans; similar practice evolved in medieval Europe. Today it reflects generosity and charitable leadership.

How to Become a Red Feather Member 

Membership in the Red Feather Society is open to individuals or couples who donate at least $500 to Northern Berkshire United Way’s annual campaign.  Many members use payroll deductions for their giving; others make tax-advantaged gifts with appreciated securities. 

CAMPAIGN 2015-2016


INVESTORS $5,000-$9,999

Jim and Joan Hunter

Howard and Denise Marshall

Charles and Lisa O’Brien

Douglas and Jane Picard


SPONSORS $2,500-$4,999

Gene and Justyna Carlson

Thomas and Ellen Ennis

Alan and Amy Giroux

Steve Green and Sue Walker




Robert Abel

Osmin and Monica Alvarez

Deborah Balmuth

Jerome and Maureen Baran

Linda Becker

James Brosnan

Tim and Brenda Burdick

Sharon Burke

Robert and Shari Collins

Jarrid Couture

Laurie Crouse

Tom and Deborah Curry

Jeffrey and Teresa Daignault

Jonathan Denmark

William Donovan Jr.

Pamela Duval

Robert Galisa

Tom and Cathy Gajda

Rick Gurney

Donna Halton

Debbie and Alan Kushnet

Mary and Robert LaBombard

Deb Leonczyk

Michelle Lowe

Kathy Luczynski

John Lutz

Peter Mirante

Corey Mullen

Jeff and Christine Naughton

Arlon and Anne Nelson

Chris and Gayle Norton

Atty. Steve Pagnotta

Leon and Nancy Parrott

Bernie Pinsonnault and Dianne Cutillo

Raymond and Barbara Ranzoni

William and Lynne Robinson

Darlene and Robert Rodowicz

James Ryan

Joseph and Christine Salek

Sheila Silsby

Timothy Sutliff

Holly Taylor and Richard Lamb

Steven Thompson

Brian and Rachel Tomkowicz

Joseph and Marilyn Truskowski

Edward Warren

Lauren Whitney


DONORS $500-$999

Keith Abuisi

Mayor Richard Alcombright

Kathleen Alibozek

Mark Avery

Robert and Barbara Bashevkin

Mark Belanger

Ellen J. Bernstein

Gerald Biron

David Bissaillon

Terry Bobowiec

Robert Brule

Gabriela Bond

Julia Bowen and Brad Svrluga

David Brown

Caroline Burch

Chris Cahoon

Peter Cardinal

Wendy and David Carver

Jeffrey Chaput

Matthew Chaput

Brian Choquette

Andre Charbonneau

Paula Consolini and James Mahon

Jean M. Delmolino

Gary Depaoli

Doreen Descoteau

Gerald and Mary Desmarais

Adam Desrosiers Attys. Cecil Driver and Janice Cook

Atty. Chris and Michelle Dodig

Jason Dohaney

James Durand

Marty Durant

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Durning Jr.

Elizabeth Dzierga

Neil H. Ellis

Shawn Enos

Linda Febles

Anna Flynn

Alicia Foisy

Paul Gaudreau

Brock Gazaille

David Giroux

Susan Gold

Bruce Grinnell

Sherwood and Carol Guernsey

W.P Gutman

Lisa Hiley

Regina Hill

Andrea and John Hockridge

Kevin Hubbard

Jana Hunkler

David B. Johnson

Lawrence and Hulda Jowett

Gary Jozefiak

Ellen Kennedy and Mark Gold

Michael Keleher

Dr. Mary King

Marissa Kirchner

Pete and Laurie Lamarre

John and Kathy Lanoue

Paul Lesure

Scott Lincoln

John Lipa

Kurt Longevin

David Magistro

Lorraine Mancuso

Paul Marszalek

Derek Masse

Thomas Matuszak

Steven Meczywor

Ann Nemetz-Carlson

Jean and Keith Noel

Tim O’Brien

Charles and Genevieve O’Neil

Jerry and Judy O’Neil

Robert O’Neil

Richard and Joan Ouellette

Steve Owens

James Parrott

Chad Pause

Donald Pause Jr.

Jeffrey Pecor

Laura Pelczynski

Mike and Leslie Prudhomme

William Pytko

William and Patricia Rech

Albert Reiner Jr.

Eric Reinhold

Glenn Reynolds

Kenneth Reynolds

Kathleen Rich

Mary and Michael Rinaldi

Christopher Riordan

Jeff Robillard

Joseph and Janet Rogge

Paul Rosenthal

Ed Rossi

Robert Rougeau

Scott Rozon

John Ryan

James Sadlowski

Russell Senecal

Stephanie Scott and Richard Alley

Eva Sheridan

Chris Sherman

James Shippee

Christopher Shoestock

Stephen and Ellen Smachetti

Dr. John Sprague

Donna Starsja

Jean Stone

Walter Sumner

Jennifer Trainer and Joe Thompson

Corydon and Marie Thurston

Frank Torchia

Elena Tucker

Thomas Turner Rich Weisenflue and Betty Nichols

Deborah and Howard Wineberg

Steven Wisniowski

Numerous Anonymous Donors