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Mission & Goals

Organizational Statement:

We support our member agencies and recognize that one organization cannot address complex community issues alone. Northern Berkshire United Way (NBUW) does the critical but largely invisible work required to reach community goals: we recruit people to the cause, get commitments for action, and pull together the expertise and resources that get it done. NBUW recognizes that emergency and crisis situations can affect any of us at any time. In addition to providing funding to member agencies that provide health,

education and financial stability programs, we are committed to provide funding in the area of safety-net services. 



Northern Berkshire United Way unites people, resources, and member agencies to improve lives and build a stronger community.



Working with our member agencies and community partners, NBUW envisions a community where we work together so that all individuals and families achieve a better quality of life through education, financial stability, good health and obtainment of safety-net resources.


Core Values:


We act in a manner that is responsible and that inspires the highest level of trust among our stakeholders. We act with

the highest level of accountability, we provide fair, accurate and honest disclosure of information, and we treat all

individuals in a fair and responsible manner.



We embrace diversity. We understand that Northern Berkshire United Way is a strong organization and central to

our community because of the respect, dignity, and value we give to all individuals, and because we aspire to involve

people from all segments of our community in every aspect of our work.


Teamwork and Communication

We believe that we achieve far more as a team than as individuals. We believe building trust among each other

produces the best results. We believe that when we promote and practice effective communication we will build an

even stronger team that will make a difference in our community and the people we serve.



We exist as an organization and have the greatest community impact because of our spirit of volunteerism. We encourage and invite stakeholders to participate in philanthropic activities by their donation of time and money. We consider the development of volunteer leadership a critical component of service to our community.



We make a positive difference and have measurable impact on challenges facing our local community. As stewards of community resources, we are accountable for our work and sustainable results. Through our collaborative efforts, we

make a difference to our community and the people we serve.


Community Leadership

We are the leader in community building activities, effecting positive change. We are a successful convener and collaborator, bringing together and working with the community to accomplish common goals. We provide the leadership

to impact each individual’s innate desire and capacity to care for one another.


Diversity Statement:

Northern Berkshire United Way, (NBUW), staff, volunteers, and representatives, are responsible for promoting and fostering diversity and equal opportunity in every aspect of our work. We understand that the best solutions are crafted by diverse perspectives and stakeholders. We seek to engage the entire community in our work without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, national origin, pregnancy, ancestry, socio-economic status, homelessness or any other category protected by law. We shall continually strive to reflect the diversity of our community in our employment, our provision of services, our volunteer participation, and in the composition of our Board of Directors, committees and staff.

Organizational Statements and Values                 Board Approved 10/17/18   

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