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Our goal is to have an area for housing resources and directory in this section.


To share information, provide, awareness and education, secure resources, that and increase services and removes barriers to adequate housing for youth and adults in Northern Berkshire. 



Youth and Adults have access to adequate housing in Northern Berkshire and the resources to secure them through a well-defined, efficient process.


Goals 2018

  1. Berkshire Regional Housing continues to have a space in Northern Berkshire to offer services to Northern Berkshire based clients.

  2. Continue to identify individuals/agencies that need to be involved with the collaborative.

  3. Share information/resources within the group to expedite the provision of services or the referral process.

  4. Advocate for needs specific to Northern Berkshire County.

  5. Learn and share best practices from others in the field and implement, if necessary.

  6. Increase number of Emergency Assistance beds available to Northern Berkshire Residents.

  7. Housing resources developed and offered and available for clients in need.

  8. Financials Literacy offered in community for individuals in need.

  9. Community protocol developed for homeless families/individuals when they reach out to the community to avoid the duplication of services.

NBHHC Serves 25 Community Partners, Including:

  • NBUW

  • Northern Berkshire Interfaith action Initiative


  • Louison House


  • BCAC

  • North Adams Public Schools

  • Brien Center

  • Adams Cheshire Regional School District

  • Eliot Human Services


  • Berkshire Housing Development Corp.

  • Roots Teen Center

  • Child Care of the Berkshires

  • Elizabeth Freeman Center

  • Berkshire County Head Start

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