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Donor Designation Policy

Northern Berkshire United Way offers its donors the option to direct their gifts to confirmed 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations. Our donor designation policies strive to balance the wishes of donors for autonomous charitable giving and our commitment to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

How to Designate

Donors may make a designated contribution to any confirmed 501(c) (3) organization by writing the name and address of the organization on the pledge form.

Designee Eligibility and Disbursement

An agency must be registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have 501(c) (3) status. Designations that do not meet eligibility requirements will be allocated to the NBUW Annual Campaign Fund. Designees are notified of their total net designations after the close of the campaign at the end of the NBUW fiscal year in June. Designations are disbursed on a regular basis.

Affiliated Agencies  (click here for a list of our 20 Member Agencies)

When donors designate their gifts to member agencies, NBUW treats these as “direct”gifts, not subject to the allocations process. Funds will be passed through to the agencies through the distribution of quarterly or semi-annually checks for the appropriate amounts, independent of allocation checks.

Unaffiliated Agencies

Your gift may be directed to qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit agencies that are not member agencies of Northern Berkshire United Way. However, NBUW does not have the same ability to endorse their organizational effectiveness and efficiency since these organizations are not bound to NBUW’s annual agency review.

Administration and Fundraising Expenses-Designation Fees

All effective organizations incur expenses for administration and fundraising. Funds forwarded to agencies are based on actual collections net of the administrative and fundraising expense. NBUW does not charge a fee to Berkshire United Way or to Williamstown Community Chest. NBUW will retain a processing fee of 14% for any other designated gift. 

Board Approved 10/17/18   

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